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Wallet icon Coin icon Odměna 10 000 Kč - 12 000 Kč / man-day
Timer icon Forma spolupráce Full-time / 50% Remote
Briefcase icon Sektor Informační technologie
Location icon Lokalita Praha
Délka trvání projektu 12 months with possibility of prolongation
Období spolupráce 20.05.2024 - 20.05.2025
Termín nástupu ASAP
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Popis projektu

  • ensuring the security of the EUSPA DevOps environments and CI\CD pipelines
  • providing leadership in the DevSecOps areas of Container Security, Cloud security, API Security, Vulnerability Scanning, Certificate Management, Secrets Management, Data Analysis of security monitoring outputs, coordination of Remediation Patching, and other daily Security and Compliance efforts
  • cooperate on integration of software development projects into EUSPA infrastructure
  • defining compliance requirements based on Policies and Standards
  • support the Security Automation and infrastructure as code
  • develop an automated security framework for robust deployment tools and processes, leveraging various scripting languages and open and closed source solutions
  • ensuring proper documentation of the processes and systems

Požadavky projektu

  • good knowledge of DevSecOps, ability to implement security features and GPOs
  • knowledge of security best practices/standards/principles such as Information Security frameworks/standards (i.e. CIS, NIST, RFC2196, etc)
  • networking experience/knowledge and broad understanding of network protocols and services (e.g. FTP, HTTP, SSH, SMB, LDAP)
  • experience coordinating and performing vulnerability assessments through the use of automated and manual tools (Tenable, Clair, Sonarqube, NMAP, etc)
  • ability to review and analyze vulnerability data to identify security risks to the organization’s network, infrastructure, and applications and determine any reported vulnerabilities that are false positives
  • coordination and remediation of vulnerabilities within established timeframes
  • proficiency in Python, Bash and/or other programming and scripting languages
  • comprehension in the security areas of Key Management Systems, Certificate Management, Encryption, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, Security and Monitoring tools, etc
  • knowledge of Windows and Linux patch management and related information security functions (authentication, encryption, iptables, SSL, Ciphers, etc)
  • ability to work with APIs and Plugins to integrate security tools into established CI/CD pipelines
  • DevOps Automation: GitHub/GitLab, Azure DevOps, Jenkins (any), Helm charts
  • knowledge of Kubernetes, Docker, container orchestration platforms (OpenShift, Rancher), container image registers (Dockerhub, harbor) 
  • knowledge of Secret Scanning, Secure code analysis, Dynamic Application Security Testing, Static Application Security Testing tools, Container Scanning, Infrastructure as Code Scanning 
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Doporučit IT specialistu Znáš někoho, komu by se tento projekt hodil? Doporuč ho a získej odměnu!

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